The IT Plant, Air Plant Roundup

The IT Plant, Air Plant Roundup: "

I just finished up work on the big Dwell on Design show coordinating the outdoor section and working closely with a lot of plant people (nice people!). I was struck by the amount of air plants (or Tillandsia) that were used throughout the show and as accessories in modern interiors. Could Air Plants be the new Terrariums?

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black, white, green

black, white, green: "black, white, green, wood
Lotta Agaton
black, white, green, wood
This place seems especially fresh today. I don't use green
in my home but it sure looks nice here!

2Modern Design Brief

2Modern Design Brief: "

Good design does not get lost in translation...

I think I have mentioned this site before...It's a favorite of mine~reDesign...The greatest affirmation? don't need to read the language of this blog, the visual experience is great in itself! Of course they are always helpful to offer a link...from there, if further explanation is important, I can explore the goods in my it's all good.


I fought orange for several years as an adult. Maybe because I obsessed over it as a child...growing up in the 70's I was surrounded by shades of orange and harvest gold...But then, I stumble across a photo like this and I am in love again...image courtesy of pink wallpaper~beautiful blog that I recently found.

Last week was NeoCon in Chicago. When I worked in 'corporate design world' I attended this innovative design show each year. I still love to peruse images and review the winners of 'Best of Neocon'. This year I am especially attracted to this modern mad-men inspired desk by Jofco.

I also thought Tuohy did a nice collection with the Genevieve Collection. I see a big trend in upholstery lately whereas the soft inner seating is 'hugged' in a nice wood trim. This is beautifully executed and extremely attractive!


Contemporary Cuckoo Clocks by Stefan Strumbel Dezeen

Contemporary Cuckoo Clocks by Stefan Strumbel Dezeen: "

With themes ranging from violence, to death and even sex, these extreme cuckoo clocks by German artist Stefan Strumbel play with the idea of a modern Germany and Bavarian cool and kitsch.

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can i have these tiles pleeeeeeze????

Current Crushes - Summer: "

Nightgowns - Carla Bruni via Escapade

Printed Pants - via Camp Comfort

Printed Tile - via Bliss

kurtas at Rikshaw

Bobble Water Bottles - built in filters & bpa free!



life: "welcome to june. it's hot and muggy here.

i unearthed some pictures i took at furniture market in highpoint. the furbish crew started out strong.


keila found a bird she fancied


soon to be replaced by another


we found bryn, despite her costume


then the free bar was found and this bird suddenly didn't cut it


david collapsed on the world's longest tufted leather sofa


in other news we had an unseasonable fire in the backyard


splendor in the grass


as well as rowdygaga


from the beach this weekend


i took on a project whilst on vacay. before




after (he's getting new knobs)



and whole foods finally has peonies


Garden Inspiration

Garden Inspiration: "

Happy June, Friends. I hope you had a lovely weekend.

Door Sixteen posted this garden image and my heart went pitty-pat. It’s a small space — it’s actually the backyard of Jenna Lyon’s brownstone in New York — but it’s packed with beautiful elements. Every inch seems use-able and enjoyable.

Our baby’s arrival has meant our garden is woefully neglected, but seeing this image makes me want to get it together. Do you have an outdoor space? Is it big or small? Do you prefer working in the yard or in the house?