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Council & Diesel: Fashion Forward Wood Finishes ICFF 2010

Council & Diesel: Fashion Forward Wood Finishes ICFF 2010: "

Both the Council and Diesel booths at ICFF included furniture pieces that featured very up-to-the minute wood finishes. They are were all refreshingly out of the ordinary and elevated the simple shapes that they were used on to something special.

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Budget Friendly Outdoor UpgradesThis Old House

Budget Friendly Outdoor UpgradesThis Old House: "

This Old House highlighted 75 new and not-so-new suggestions on ways to upgrade your outdoor space, each for $75 or less. From hammocks to birdbaths; water gardens to cheerfully painted fences, these are just a few from their extensive list. Following, I whittled the list down to include my 10 favorite ideas, with a slight variation or two thrown in the mix.

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Thinking Of Hiring A Professional Organizer?

Thinking Of Hiring A Professional Organizer?: "hiring a pro organizer 051310.jpg
Since May is spring cleaning and organizational month we’ve been talking a lot about getting our homes systematized and in good order. If tasks like arranging the photo albums or clearing out the garage seem too daunting you may be wondering if it’s possible to hire a professional organizer while on a budget. Fortunately, hiring a pro isn’t as exclusive as you might think.

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Brimfield 2010

Brimfield 2010: "

mays field brimfield 2010 Brimfield 2010

I’m back from Brimfield, tired, not broke and a little sunburned. Overall feel? Eh, I didn’t find anything amazing that I needed. Well expect for an old watering can, kinda lame but it’s perfect. Maybe I’ve gotten picker? I did check out a lot of tilt top tables, chairs and beds. But honestly I thought everything was too pricey and nothing was really outstanding. I am looking for more and better examples of early american furniture in beautiful cherry or maple wood.

I had a lot of fun looking. I met with the ladies of design*sponge. Check out a cute photo of Amy, Amy and Grace below. And I bumped into fellow twitter friend and blogger, CreateGirl. Having some girltime was the best part.

I think auctions might be a better bet for me. Leave me a comment if you know of any good ones coming up in New England.

colorful bombins at brimfield 2010 Brimfield 2010

wood boxes at brimfield Brimfield 2010

green bottles at brimfield 2010 Brimfield 2010

watering cans and bench at brimfield 2010 Brimfield 2010

design sponge at brimfield Brimfield 2010

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 Brimfield 2010"

Sarah's Whimsical Outdoor Playground Dream Outdoor Rooms

Sarah's Whimsical Outdoor Playground Dream Outdoor Rooms: "

Growing up in a house with a hedge maze in the backyard, I've always wanted my outdoor space to inspire play and imagination — a great place to hang out while drinking and eating way too much on warm summer nights that seem to last forever.

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Stylish Laundry Rooms Inspiration Gallery

Stylish Laundry Rooms Inspiration Gallery: "
Most of us (especially those of us with kids) spend more time than we'd like to doing laundry. And yet when it comes to aesthetics, the laundry room is often a neglected corner of the home, precisely because it serves such a practical function. We love laundry rooms where practicality merges beautifully with style.

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