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Good design does not get lost in translation...

I think I have mentioned this site before...It's a favorite of mine~reDesign...The greatest affirmation?...you don't need to read the language of this blog, the visual experience is great in itself! Of course they are always helpful to offer a link...from there, if further explanation is important, I can explore the goods in my language...so it's all good.


I fought orange for several years as an adult. Maybe because I obsessed over it as a child...growing up in the 70's I was surrounded by shades of orange and harvest gold...But then, I stumble across a photo like this and I am in love again...image courtesy of pink wallpaper~beautiful blog that I recently found.

Last week was NeoCon in Chicago. When I worked in 'corporate design world' I attended this innovative design show each year. I still love to peruse images and review the winners of 'Best of Neocon'. This year I am especially attracted to this modern mad-men inspired desk by Jofco.

I also thought Tuohy did a nice collection with the Genevieve Collection. I see a big trend in upholstery lately whereas the soft inner seating is 'hugged' in a nice wood trim. This is beautifully executed and extremely attractive!


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